Can anyone last a day without grasses?

What do you think? Do you able to leave a day without grass? You may considering me as a mad and thinking what is the relation of living with grass? We surely don’t eat grass to live our life. But inspite of your thought I am very doubtful about that any one can live a day without grass. If you became so much skeptic about me then concentrate your mind to following.
We eat rice, or bread three times a day. Can anyone say from where the rice or bread come? (So, don’t be so disappointed too early, read a little more.) These crops come from their respective plants.

Let’s be serious! Upto 80% of our daily food come for grass. Yes, rice, wheat, corn, burley all of these are grass. Thus you can be unhesitant to say that grass as a single substance is keeping human kind alive. If you be suspicious about this plants are grass you may examine it yourself. Take a plant in your hand about which you are sure that it is a grass. Then compare it with one of the aforementioned plants. Observe the sheafs, leaves, roots of the two comparing plants, you will see enough similarity between them. If you still do not convinced or you cannot rely in your observation¬† take help from a botanist. Now if you become convinced show your gratitude to grass and think it you bear a single day without grass.

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Besides crops, we get a lot of things from grass. We get sugar from grass because sugarcane is in fact a kind of grass. Bamboo is one of the main component to build houses and bamboo is also a type of grass. Various grasses have excellent curability. It is pleasing to looking over grass fields and it is very distasteful to imagine a playground without grass. Recently grass is being used to produce electricity.
Not just us, but grass is the sole food provider for most of the animals. This is because herbivorous animals are dependent to grass to get their food and carnivorous are dependent to harbivorous animals. Grass is a very rapid growing plant and it can grow on any type of land of the planet earth. Grass consume a lot of carbon-dioxide and trying to protect the climate from green house effect.
Reading up to this you may get the idea that the most of the most species of the earth is grass. This is not true. Only a small portion of the total plant kingdom is grass. Now think what the grasses do for us!
Lets grow grass much.

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